OIM staff come from over 30 countries, are seasoned investment professionals, and share a commitment to ESG goals set forth by the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). View career opportunities through the United Nations Careers portal, Inspira:

Job Title Level Job ID Job Network Deadline URL
Programme Officer P-3 130535 Programme Management 31 January 2020 Link
Senior Investment Officer P5 130727 Investment Management 29 January 2020 Link
Accountant P4 130824 Investment Operations 30 January 2020 Link
Information Systems Assistant G6 129903 Information Systems 08 February 2020 Link
Associate Accountant
P2 130526 Investment Operations 19 February 2020 Link
Information Systems Assistant G6 130623 Information Systems 20 February 2020 Link
Legal Intern I-1 130615 Legal Affairs 06 March 2020 Link
Information Technology Intern I-1 130620 Information Systems 06 March 2020 Link
Investment Intern I-1 130621 Investment Management 06 March 2020 Link