Our Organization


Our Organization

(as of June 2018)


The Office of Investment Management (OIM) consists of five functional areas:

Office of the RSG

The Office of the RSG provides overall leadership, direction and management of OIM activities. The Office ensures that all investment activities are coherently aligned to safeguard the fiduciary responsibilities, support the financial objectives and maintain the sustainability of the Fund. The Representative of the Secretary-General (RSG) leads the investment operations; approves relevant policies and strategies; oversees the work of the Office; and sets forth the framework under which OIM’s functional areas establish their strategies and priorities to ensure that OIM carries out its mandate. The RSG is supported by the Director and other specialized staff.


The Investments Group is responsible for achieving the optimal investment return for the Fund, avoiding undue risk to meet the Fund’s long term investment return objectives, as well as meeting or exceeding the Policy Benchmark over the short-term. It consists of nine teams; North American Equity, European Equity, Asia Pacific Equity, Global Emerging Markets Equity, Real Assets, Alternative Investments, Trade Execution, External Managers, as well as Fixed Income & Treasury.

Risk and Compliance

The Risk and Compliance Group is responsible for identifying, measuring and monitoring all aspects of market and operational risks to which the Fund is exposed. In addition, it is mandated to implement adequate monitoring and control processes covering the Fund’s investments to ensure compliance with all our policies and guidelines.

Operations and Information Systems

The Operations and Information Systems Group is responsible for ensuring the security of the Fund’s investments enhancing business applications and information systems infrastructure, and supporting the front-to-back investment operation processes.

Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting team is responsible for all aspects of investment accounting, preparation of financial statements, and budget processes. It has a dual reporting line to the Chief Operation Officer and the Chief Financial Officer.